Welcome to all the cooking lovers

I invite you to discover my world traveler's life and my culinary adventures

My Recipes

You will find here the influence of my origins from Réunion Island through recipes that I develop thanks to the inspirations which bring me the countries where I travel

My Lessons

Meet me during a culinary workshop in the theme of your choice, and savour typical dishes from Reunion Island using my service caterer

My Travels

Follow me through the different countries I went to. Discover the local specialities, the culinary curiosities and good plan restoring not to miss



Discover my Appetizers, Fritters, Toasts, Salad, and Cold starters

Main courses

My Meats, Fishes, Cheese-topped dishes, and Side dishes will not have secrets anymore for you


My sweets : Cake, Pie, Christmas cake, and Sweet petits-fours, from the quickest to the most elabotate recipe for your holiday meals